Survival Knife Sheath Pouches

Estelle Martinez
16 min readMar 24, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the top survival knife sheath pouches on the market. In this article, we’ll be discussing the features, benefits, and drawbacks of various sheath pouches designed to hold your survival knife. From compact designs to durable materials, these pouches are essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Stay tuned as we help you find the perfect sheath pouch for your survival knife needs!

The Top 13 Best Survival Knife Sheath Pouches

  1. Western Fashion Tack Pancake Knife Sheath — Discover the elegant fusion of Western Fashion Tack and Basket Weave in Ranger Belt Co.’s premium leather Slanted Pancake Knife Sheath, designed to securely hold Trapper and similar style knives while maintaining a sleek and functional appearance.
  2. Cabela’s Durable Nylon Knife and Tool Sheath with Metal Snap Button — Cabela’s Belt Knife Sheath — Durable nylon construction with reinforced stitching and metal snap button for secure storage and easy access.
  3. High-Quality 11-Inch Padded Knife Storage Pouch — Safeguard your custom knives with the AC98 Zip Up Folding Pouch, featuring a soft faux fur interior and tailored to fit perfectly.
  4. KA-BAR TDI Sheath for Large TDI Knives — Sturdy and sleek, this KA-BAR TDI Sheath perfectly fits the KA-BAR Large TDI Knives, suitable for secure and comfortable lower back carry.
  5. Modular Molle Sheath for Multipurpose Tools — Stay organized and stylish by attaching your Leatherman to any gear with our durable MOLLE sheath.
  6. Luxurious Full Grain Leather Knife Sheath — Elevate your outdoor experience with the Hide & Drink Leather Horizontal Knife Holster, a handcrafted Full Grain Leather accessory offering unparalleled durability and luxury.
  7. Rothco Gi Type Enhanced Knife Sheath Brown — The Rothco G.I. Type Enhanced Knife Sheath — Brown is a reliable and versatile throwing knife holster, perfect for both combat situations and everyday outdoor use.
  8. Rothco MOLLE Knife Sheath for Tactical Belt Attachment — Secure and conveniently attach your knife to tactical gear with the lightweight, durable Rothco Molle Knife Sheath featuring MOLLE straps and a handy sharpening stone pocket.
  9. Camo-Enhanced Molle Knife Sheath for Hunting and Fishing — The Rothco G.I. Type Enhanced Knife Sheaths offer exceptional durability and versatility for outdoor pursuits, available in various camouflage patterns to blend seamlessly with nature.
  10. Kabar Molle Sheath with Od MOLLE Back Pouch — Black — Kydex Sheath & Molle Back Pouch — Securely carry your tools in black with this versatile 2019 offering from Sujetadores, boasting a 4.5 rating and 4.0 reviews.
  11. Gerber CustomFit Quad Sheath: Versatile Tool Holster for Folding Knives, Multi-Tools, and Handheld Flashlights — Experience convenience and stealth with the Gerber 30–001405 CustomFit Quad Sheath, designed for quick access to folding knives, multi-tools, and handheld flashlights.
  12. Versatile Nylon Knife Sheath for Folding Knives — Carry and protect your Pocket PowerPlier, Paratool, or Bi-Polar folding knives with this durable black nylon sheath, perfect for up to 5" closed sizes.
  13. Black Nylon Knife Sheath with Clip Front Closure — Securely carry your knife with the black nylon sheath, featuring a clip front closure and horizontal or vertical carry options, perfect for everyday use and outdoor adventures.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Western Fashion Tack Pancake Knife Sheath


As an avid outdoorsman, I recently discovered the Ranger Belt Co. Slanted Pancake Basketweave Knife Sheath, a stunning addition to my collection of handheld tools. This sheath not only boasts a beautifully crafted basketweave design that adds an air of sophistication, but also offers a secure and reliable home for my trusty Trapper knife.

The highlight of this piece lies in its impeccable craftsmanship. Its Western Fashion Tack style offers not just functionality, but also a touch of aesthetic appeal that beautifully complements any outfit, whether I’m out on a hunt or just running errands around town. However, I must admit that the slightly larger size than my previous sheath initially took some getting used to.

I also appreciate how its slanted design allows for easy access to my knife, making it perfect for quick draw situations. Despite this great advantage, I noticed that the sheath tends to loosen up slightly over time, requiring occasional adjustments to ensure a tight fit.

Overall, the Ranger Belt Co. Slanted Pancake Basketweave Knife Sheath has quickly become my preferred choice for carrying my Trapper knife. Its elegant design, quick draw functionality, and reliable performance all contribute to its appeal. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their outdoors gear game.

Cabela’s Durable Nylon Knife and Tool Sheath with Metal Snap Button


Hey there! I just wanted to share my experience with the Cabela’s Knife and Tool Sheath — Small. It’s been super helpful in keeping my everyday carry tools safe and secure. The heavy-duty nylon build combined with reinforced stitching gives me peace of mind knowing that my toolset won’t accidentally fall out.

One thing I really love about this product is its metal snap button. It keeps my knife snug and secure while walking around, so I don’t have to worry about losing it. Plus, since it comes in different sizes, I was able to find a perfect fit for my multi-tool!

However, on the downside, the material can sometimes be a little noisy when I’m wearing it. But overall, this sheath has been a reliable companion for my daily adventures, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a reliable way to carry their tools.

High-Quality 11-Inch Padded Knife Storage Pouch


As someone who adores a good knife collection and needs a reliable storage case, I’ve found this 11-inch black leatherette pouch to be just the thing. Its soft faux fur interior is more than capable of protecting even the finest of custom knives. Although it’s advertised as having a 10 ½ inch long interior, I’ve found it to fit perfectly for knives up to a bit over 10 inches.

The external measurements for this case are 3 ½ wide and 11 inches long, making it an easily portable solution for any knife enthusiast. Of course, the real stars of this show are the knives themselves, not included with your purchase. This pouch is merely an elegant storage sheath, displaying the knives in a way that complements their beauty.

All in all, it’s a well-made piece that provides a sturdy and attractive home for your prized collection.

KA-BAR TDI Sheath for Large TDI Knives


As a reviewer who’s been using the KA-BAR TDI Sheath, I have to say it’s been a game-changer for me. Not only does it hold my large TDI knife securely, its slim design makes it perfect for everyday carry. The black color complements any outfit, and the tough velcro straps ensure it stays in place.

One of the best things about this sheath is its hard material that keeps the knife safe and easily accessible. However, I also noticed a small downside — the sizing may be a bit off for some of the TDI knives. Still, it’s a minor issue considering the overall quality of the product.

In conclusion, the KA-BAR TDI Sheath is an excellent investment for anyone who owns the compatible TDI knives. Its practicality, durability, and sleek design make it a must-have for both work and leisure.

Modular Molle Sheath for Multipurpose Tools


I’ve had the pleasure of using the MOLLE sheath for my multipurpose tool, and I must say, it has been quite the journey. The hook-and-loop closure and snap webbing strap make it a breeze to attach to my backpack and load-bearing vest. However, I found that the internal capacity wasn’t quite enough to accommodate more than one tool.

One of the standout features was the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system, which allowed me to streamline my outdoor gear. This made it a great companion for my backpacking and camping trips. Yet, there were a few shortcomings that I couldn’t ignore. The thin nylon material wasn’t as durable as I had hoped, and it started to fray rather quickly. Additionally, the snap strap was a bit flimsy, making it difficult to secure my tool properly.

As someone who finds it crucial to have easy access to their tools, this MOLLE sheath proved to be a mixed bag. On the one hand, it was helpful for organizing and keeping my equipment handy. On the other hand, the flimsy materials and lack of internal capacity were hard to overlook. If you’re looking for a solid, long-lasting sheath for your multipurpose tool, this might not be the perfect match for you.

Luxurious Full Grain Leather Knife Sheath


I recently had the chance to try out the Hide & Drink Leather Horizontal Knife Holster and must say, it exceeded my expectations. This product is handmade with exceptional craftsmanship and the quality of the materials is top-notch. The Full Grain Leather used makes it both durable and long lasting.

The holster comes with a drawstring closure, making it easy to store and access your knife quickly. It has a rustic charm that truly sets it apart from other mass-produced items, and its design makes it a great gift for friends and family.

However, one downside I noticed is that it might not be the most comfortable option for some people. The leather can be a bit rough, so it might require some breaking-in time before feeling comfortable.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this purchase and am looking forward to using it on my camping adventures. The Hide & Drink Leather Horizontal Knife Holster is a durable, handmade item that adds a touch of charm to any outdoor adventure.

Rothco Gi Type Enhanced Knife Sheath Brown


I’ve been using the Rothco G. I. Type Enhanced Knife Sheath for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it’s made a significant difference in my outdoor activities. The hook and loop attachment allowed me to secure my throwing knife in place, confident that it wouldn’t come loose during rigorous use.

One of the things that stood out for me was the durability of this sheath. Despite the occasional rough handling, the snaps kept everything in place, ensuring my throwing knife stayed secure throughout my adventures. The perfect fit was also a nice touch — it didn’t feel too tight or too loose on my belt. However, the weight of the sheath was something I needed to get used to. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for something lightweight.

All things considered, the Rothco G. I. Type Enhanced Knife Sheath has proven to be a valuable addition to my gear. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsperson or just starting out, this sheath has a lot to offer.

Rothco MOLLE Knife Sheath for Tactical Belt Attachment


When I first encountered Rothco’s Molle Knife Sheath, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. However, after several rigorous outdoor excursions where I relied heavily on this sheath to keep my knife secure, I’ve become an ardent fan.

The sheath’s most standout feature for me was the two MOLLE straps on the back with snap closures. They made it a breeze to conveniently attach the sheath to tactical vests, MOLLE belts, and even assault packs. The top MOLLE strap measures 7 inches long, while the bottom one measures 3.75 inches.

What’s even better is the drawstring at the bottom, which allowed me to tie the tactical knife sheath around my leg while it was attached to my belt. This ensured that the sheath wouldn’t budge while I was on the move or working in the field.

Having a stone pocket on the front for easy sharpening without the stone, which didn’t come included, was another valuable feature. It may be a minor detail, but a thoughtful one nonetheless.

Of course, like any product, it’s not without its pitfalls. A downside I faced was occasionally finding the snap closure challenging to fasten or unfasten. However, considering the overall convenience and safety it offered, the minor hiccups were easily overlooked.

Overall, Rothco’s Molle Knife Sheath has proved to be a reliable and efficient companion for all my outdoor adventures. Despite the minor drawbacks, I believe it’s worth a try, especially for those who frequently require secure knife storage during their outdoor escapades.

Camo-Enhanced Molle Knife Sheath for Hunting and Fishing


The Rothco G. I. Type Enhanced Knife Sheaths are camouflage enhanced covers designed for practical use, especially for avid hunters or anglers.

I find the sheath’s made from 1000 Denier Nylon material to be reliable and long-lasting. Although it has a 2.75" Hook & Loop Belt Loop, it’s a little small for my taste.

The stone pouch on the back adds a smart touch for quick storage, but the leg ties at the bottom could be a little tighter to stay in place. The D-Ring for a hanging option is a nice feature, but the size of it could make it awkward to use in certain situations. The sheath fits 7" knives perfectly, providing a snug fit.

All in all, it’s a tactical knife sheath that’s good but not without its quirks. Whether you’re a hunter, angler, or protection enthusiast, you might find these sheaths suitable. Try them out, and see if they serve to your needs after taking all these points into considerations.

Kabar Molle Sheath with Od MOLLE Back Pouch — Black


As someone who’s been using the Sujetadores 2019 5 Kydex Sheath & OD Molle Back Pouch, I can’t help but appreciate its sleek and durable design. The black color really matches well with my outdoor gear, making it a great accessory for both camping and hiking trips.

One feature that stood out to me is the 5 Kydex Sheath. It’s sturdy and reliable, ensuring my knife remains securely in place. The OD Molle Back Pouch is another highlight, offering a compact yet convenient space to carry small essentials without weighing me down.

However, there’s one thing I noticed that could use improvement — the pouch could benefit from a few more compartments for organizing my items better. But overall, this has become a trusty companion on my adventures, and I’m happy to give it a solid 4.5 rating.

Gerber CustomFit Quad Sheath: Versatile Tool Holster for Folding Knives, Multi-Tools, and Handheld Flashlights


The Gerber Quad Sheath is an impressive custom-fit solution for carrying multiple tools and accessories. Its Quick Access feature and stealth-like Quiet Deploy technology make it easy to use and deploy in any situation. However, some users have experienced issues with the Velcro, rendering the sheath unreliable for tougher tasks.

With some modifications and heavy-duty Velcro, this sheath could be an excellent addition to the Gerber lineup.

Versatile Nylon Knife Sheath for Folding Knives


While using the SOG Knives & Tools 9001015 Nylon Pouch for my pocket tool, I found the nylon construction to be a great choice. It held up well against the occasional wear and tear and the inner pocket dimensions perfectly fit my multitool. However, the outside pocket dimension was slightly smaller than expected, which might leave the cover flap slightly sticking out when I attached it to my belt.

One of the standout features of the pouch was the belt loop configuration on the back, which allowed easy attachment to my molle loops on my Maxpedition gearslinger. The hex bit holder in the outside flap also fit snugly and provided a secure spot for the bit kit.

On the downside, I experienced the hex bit holder falling out randomly, which could be a minor inconvenience but not a deal breaker for me. Additionally, the Velcro on the cover flap seemed to wear out a bit faster than I would have expected, given its infrequent use.

Overall, the product was functional and offered good value, but some improvement could be made to address the minor issues mentioned above.

Black Nylon Knife Sheath with Clip Front Closure


As someone who relies on reliable and durable gear, I found the Black Sheath to be an exceptional choice for carrying my favorite EDC knives. The compact size of this nylon sheath was perfect for slipping into my daily carry bag.

One of the standout features was the sturdy velcro closure, which easily secured the blade while still being accessible when needed. I also appreciated the versatility of being able to carry the knife horizontally or vertically, depending on my preference for that day.

However, this sheath did require some adjustments to fit my particular knife perfectly. When it came to securing the blade and ensuring it would stay in place, a little bit of trial and error was necessary. Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall experience using the Black Sheath has been a positive one in my daily life.

Buyer’s Guide

A survival knife sheath pouch is an essential accessory for any survival knife. It protects the blade from damage and keeps it securely attached to your belt or backpack. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the key features to consider when purchasing a survival knife sheath pouch and provide general advice to help you make the best decision for your needs.


1. Material and Durability

The material used for the sheath pouch should be strong and durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Common materials include leather, nylon, and Kydex. Leather is a traditional choice and offers excellent durability, while nylon is lightweight and flexible. Kydex is a more modern material that provides excellent resistant to scratches and damage.

2. Comfort and Convenience

A good survival knife sheath pouch should be comfortable to wear and easy to access. Look for a pouch with a belt loop or a quick-release system to quickly draw your knife when needed. The pouch should be adjustable to fit different waist sizes and should not interfere with your movement or comfort.


3. Waterproof and Weatherproof

Since you’ll be using your survival knife in various weather conditions, it’s essential to have a sheath pouch that can withstand water and harsh weather. Look for a pouch with a waterproof or weatherproof coating to protect your knife from rust and corrosion. Many pouches also come with a drainage hole to prevent water from accumulating inside.

4. Design and Functionality

A well-designed survival knife sheath pouch should be functional, easy to use, and offer a few extra features. Look for a pouch that keeps the blade securely in place with a locking mechanism or a retention strap. Additionally, some pouches come with a built-in sharpening stone or a small survival tool compartment.


5. Price and Brand Reputation

As with any product, consider the price and brand reputation when purchasing a survival knife sheath pouch. While it’s true that you get what you pay for, there are also many affordable options that can provide excellent performance and durability. Research different brands and read reviews to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product that meets your needs.

When purchasing a survival knife sheath pouch, consider the material, comfort, waterproofing, design, and price. By choosing a high-quality pouch that meets your needs, you can ensure your survival knife stays protected and easily accessible in any outdoor situation.



What should I consider when selecting a survival knife sheath pouch?

When choosing a survival knife sheath pouch, consider the following factors:

  • Size and capacity: Ensure that the pouch is big enough to accommodate your knife, while also providing enough space for additional tools or gear.
  • Material: Durability should be a key consideration, so opt for materials that can withstand harsh environments and wear and tear over time.
  • Fastening system: Ensure that the pouch has a secure and reliable fastening system to protect your knife and keep it in place, especially during strenuous activities or travel.
  • Comfort: Choose a pouch that is comfortable to wear and carry, especially for extended periods of time.
  • Weather resistance: Opt for a pouch that can protect your knife from moisture, dirt, and dust, while also being easy to clean and maintain.

How can I secure my survival knife in the sheath pouch?

There are a few ways to keep your survival knife secure in the sheath pouch:

  • Fastening systems: Many sheath pouches come with fastening systems like straps, buckles, or clips that help keep the pouch in place and prevent it from falling off or being dislodged.
  • Locking mechanisms: Some sheath pouches have locking mechanisms that prevent the knife from opening or closing unintentionally, ensuring added security and safety.
  • Material quality: Choose a sheath pouch made from high-quality materials that provide a tight fit around your knife and reduce the risk of it falling out or getting damaged.

Are survival knife sheath pouches suitable for all types of knives?

Most survival knife sheath pouches can accommodate a variety of knife styles and sizes. However, it’s essential to check the product specifications and compatibility with your particular knife before making a purchase.

Can a survival knife sheath pouch be used for other purposes besides carrying a knife?

Yes, many survival knife sheath pouches have multiple functions and can be used for carrying other tools, gear, or small items. Look for options with ample space, versatile fastening systems, and weather-resistant materials to enhance their functionality.

What is the price range for survival knife sheath pouches?

The price range for survival knife sheath pouches can vary widely depending on factors like brand, size, material, and additional features. Generally, you can find basic models for under $30, while premium options with more advanced features may cost $50 or more.